Mail Call 3: The Tampa Bay Rays are awesome!


So admittedly, this year’s luck with FanPacks has been less than ideal. That’s not a complaint really, just a real observation. There’s no expectation, teams don’t have to send me anything for free. That being said, even teams like the Boston Red Sox or the Arizona Diamondbacks, who have sent me something every year, have been noticeably absent. To tell you the truth, I kinda forgot about FanPacks, cause this just hasn’t been my year. Until yesterday…

There, I was, loading the dishwasher, looking out my kitchen window as a FedEx truck pulled up to my curb. Not expecting any packages, I continued on with my mundane activity, and just like that, my doorbell was ringing. I opened the door, and the FedEx guy was gone, and a nice sized box was waiting for me. I checked the address, and it was for me, even though I had no idea what it was. And then it caught my eye, a certain sunburst logo. It was a FanPack from the Tampa Bay Rays, and it was the best one I’ve ever received, by far.


Look at this haul! Maybe I was the lucky millionth fan to request a FanPack? Maybe I’ve become an influential blogger and the Rays wish to woo me? Or maybe the Rays just had some extras laying around and were in a good mood. Whatever the reason, I was touched that they sent me such a great package, especially given that I’m not located in the state, let alone the country.

So let’s breakdown my loot!


Evan Longoria 80s Hair Metal Drummer Bobblehead – September 6, 2014

This was given out about a month after my one and only trip to the Trop, and is just crazy enough to be awesome. The Franchise gives that classic toothy grin, and is the perfect companion when busting out the Whitesnake vinyl.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERASuperhero Cape Socks – September 4, 2016

Rays Floppy Hat – July 2, 2016

Feels like the perfect hat to wear when mowing the lawn, or taking a hike. You have to walk with a certain swagger with a hat like this.


So I clearly needed to use a better pic to capture how great these socks are. These are the types of socks that you really have to plan an activity around, they’re that important.


Rays Pennant – July 3, 2016

Coming full circle in life, I’ve really enjoyed picking up pennants for the Mancave, just as I enjoyed them decorating my room as a kid. No lie, I’ve looked at eBay for Rays pennants on a number of occasions, so this is a pretty big win. Didn’t take long to get it on the wall.


Rays Tote Bag – September 24, 2016

DJ Kitty Plush Window Cling – September 12, 2015

I’ve really been pleased that teams are coming back to the powder/sky blue jersey, after many years in exile. One of my hopes for an eventual Expos return, sees their classic blue road jerseys come back as an alternate. The bag itself is practical enough, and may lead to there being a reduction of the countless plastic bags in the closet.

As for DJ Kitty, this was immediately grabbed by Zooey, one of my two vicious and fearsome Shi-Poos. Sadly for Zooey, I wasn’t sharing, and DJ Kitty was safely put on a high shelf, in a witness relocation type manner.

When it comes down to it, this was an incredible box, and one heck of a nice surprise. The Rays could have sent me any one of those and it would have been awesome. But 6 stadium giveaways at once? That’s legendary. Big shout-out to the Rays and the people putting together their promotional schedules. Those guys do a great job, year in and year out. And thanks to the public relations team as well, and anyone else that handled this. You guys are a classy organization!


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