The WCC: Buffalo’s Saucy Mascot Race

In 2011, the Buffalo Bisons (Currently the Toronto Blue Jays' Triple-A Affiliate) introduced their own unique take on the mascot race craze with the WCC Race. WCC (Wing/Cheese/Celery) celebrates that classic pub food that got its start at the immortal Anchor Bar in Buffalo, New York over 50 years ago. We've got the showboat Chicken …

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Mascot Races: An Introduction

A Pepsi Bottle. A Celery Stalk. George Washington. A Home Depot Bucket. A Chevy Truck. An Octopus. What do these things have in common? If you guessed that mascot versions of these run in races in-between innings at baseball games, well...aren't you clever. I suppose the title gave it away. That being said, this is …

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